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There will be a $50,000 grant in 2015 for the best program for the management of cancer. We are particularly interested in promoting the best of the young scientists, currently under the radar screen. We are NOT looking at studies that show that drug A is 3% better than drug B.  The project should be innovative, sound and be able to lead to clinical trials. All such projects will get equal consideration. PhDs are welcome to submit grant applications and several have won grants. Research grant applications should be organized as follows:
Research Hypothesis

Background and rationale

Study objectives

Study design

Study population (if applicable) 

Criteria for evaluation

Definition of response

Analysis and conclusion  

Please have a full contact sheet at the front of every application, including name, address, phone, email and fax numbers.  Every page should have the name of the PI on the top of the page. The pages should be numbered. Please make the application  as concise as possible, with a maximum of 10 pages, excluding references and budget. The reviewers are physicians in practice and the application should be understandable by practicing physicians. Please note the award does not include payment for the salary of the investigator, overhead or travel. The applicant will be asked to come to the annual fund raiser  in October and give a 10 minute or so discussion about his or her project in plain English to the group of donors

Please email the application to The deadline for grant applications is May 31, 2015.