The Doctors Cancer Foundation

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The Doctors Cancer Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation that has been formed to provide seed money for promising new concepts in cancer research. By supporting research projects seeking to find new principles of cancer management, the Foundation will encourage scientists to identify and explore untested forms of treatment and ultimately enhance the quality of care for the people who have cancer.

WHY The Doctors Cancer Foundation

At present, most grants are given to experienced researchers with track records of success. And more often than not, funding builds on existing treatments such as chemotherapy, or is used as “overhead” or general support for a university or medical center.
But what about tomorrow’s research giants-- today’s unheralded scientists -- who want to explore new treatments?
How do they get started?
Who encourages them to continue against heavy odds of being able to pursue their ideas?
Where are the dollars for basic research pointing to innovative clinical use in the future?
How can we speed the process that converts the germ of an idea into innovations such as:
· the discovery of the drug Gleevec that interferes with the genetic abnormality causing chronic myelogenous leukemia
· the discovery of the gene microchip, which enables scientists to pack all of the genes involved in lymphoma or other disorders onto a single microscope slide to see which genes are active or inactive for each illness

HOW The Doctors Cancer Foundation, Inc. Works

· The Foundation accepts requests for support from scientists throughout the United States.
· The Foundation’s board sends out requests to the major cancer centers for proposals selected by the board.
· A Selection Committee, composed of cancer specialists and such advisors with an interest in cancer as may be deemed appropriate by the board, reviews all requests for support.
· Awards support research for one year.
· Members of the Selection Committee or their relatives are not eligible to apply for support.
· Researchers are required to report on the results of the research and the uses of the funds.
All persons working with the Foundation are volunteers. There are no salaried positions.